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June 2019 - “....What’s Next?” 

I just wanted to check in and thank everyone that’s been streaming the project. In the 7 or so years that I’ve been recording myself speak nonsense over a beat, this is the first time that I can genuinely say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Might be tooting my own horn, but fuck it.  

I’d also like to proudly announce that I’m now a part of the Support Art family (duh, check my Twitter). I’m excited to show you guys all of the dope collaborations that’s come out of this so far.  

Also don’t forget to browse through my shirt collaboration with Mottowear ( I love when people stop me in public and ask where I got my shirt so I can tell them I made that shit. I wanna do more designs in the future. Maybe I’ll release it with the next project, who knows.


Stream “Demons + Distractions” here: 

April 2019 - "Maximum Overdrive" 

Welcome to the site!

I got a LOT of cool shit in store for y'all this month. Haven't dropped a track in a while but that don't mean a nigga slackin'. Check out the teaser for my next single! A brand new sound from a Brand New Q...

I been doing a lot of shit behind the scenes. Whenever I'm not writing and recording new music, I'm working on new designs. I appreciate all the feedback y'all have been giving me so I think its about time I gave back...














Quil Smith X Mottowear Co dropping April 7th! 

To celebrate the upcoming collaboration with Mottowear Co. I will be giving away a free shirt to a random member of the mailing list. All you have to do is DM me (on any of my social media) a screenshot proving you follow me on Spotify. Free clothes for pushing a couple buttons. Seems fair to me yo.

Where's the fucking tape??

DEMONS AND DISTRACTIONS COMING THIS MAY!!! This is the proudest I've ever been of a project and I still have a couple more songs to add. Here's a clip from my last recording session. 

Hopefully, you guys enjoy all the new content as much as I do. Catch y'all later....


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